The Home For Your Crypto Community.

Cryb is your new home for all of your crypto community management needs. It brings everyone together in one app to allow you to manage and maximize your crypto community.


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Your new Cryb for crypto.

The upcoming Cryb app will be the all in one platform to connect cryptocurrency communities through an innovative application that combines instant messaging functionality with an integrated coin wallet that will allow you to store all of your various coins, tokens & NFT’s.

Discover all the features

Connect with other members of your crypto community through our unique text and voice messaging system.

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Crypto wallet

Cryb comes with it’s own integrated crypto wallet which allows you to store all of your coins in one place.

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Community tools

Our brand new community management tools allows you to organize and optimize your communities experience.

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News feed

An up to date news feed that includes all the latest updates from your favourite cryptocurrency communities.

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Education corner

Our education corner offers you the latest videos and articles on all things crypto from where to buy coins to what the hottest new coin is.

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Vault, NFT & more

We’re more than just the centre of your Crypto universe. We’re also encorporating dedicated vaults for you to store your collection of NFT’s.

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The most popular new currencies trust us

One of the web’s hottest new crypto currencies uses us for all of their community management needs.

Interested in bringing your crypto community together in one place?
Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can supercharge your community.

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